After my death our beloved Church abroad will break three ways ... first the Greeks will leave us as they were never a part of us ... then those who live for this world and its glory will go to Moscow ... what will remain will be those souls faithful to Christ and His Church. ~St. Philaret of NY


Historical Photograph ROCA & SIR

From: Saint Gregory Palamas Monastery
ATTACHED: AN INTERESTING historical photograph,
sent to us by Father James Thornton.

From: Saint Edward Brotherhood
….  to say that ROCA and SiR were never in full communion , but behold:-

Bishop (then Father) Auxentios of Photike took the photograph. It was in 1979 at the Holy Trinity Monastery in Jordanville, NY.

From left to right:
 Archbishop (then Father) Chrysostomos of Etna, speaking to [RocorMP] Metropolitan (then Father) Hilarion, at his left; Metropolitan Kallistos of Corinth; behind him, Bishop Ambrose, looking towards Metropolitan Hilarion; Metropolitan [now Saint]] Philaret, in the middle, with Metropolitan Cyprian at his left; Metropolitan (then Bishop) Lavr [of sorry memory] at his left, and Bishop (then Father) George (Grabbe) at his left (who had just been ordained an Archimandrite).  The nun and monk in back we cannot identify.

On-going attacks on our people in the Russian Federation

The Pascha Attack in Moscow

Here is the Google translation: (improved)-

The pogrom on Pascha Eve, in Moscow-
April 29, 2012
Category: Parish Life

Sovietism is still obsessed with the post-Soviet population.  Enemies of the Church continue to conduct covert and overt war with Orthodox Christianity.  Thus, on the past recent night of Pascha, on the outskirts of Moscow in Marino, near the metro station Bratislava, this event occurred, reminding us of the militant rebellion in past dark times - the era of Leninism and Stalinism.

The fact is that the street is Pererva, where our  home church is located, where to celebrate Pascha, were about two hundred parishioners of the Moscow community of ROCOR.

Our Moscow parish priest is Father Valery (Leonichev), who had  just performed in the chapel, the current Pascha service on the night of April 15.

After the procession, when all the parishioners of the parish of the Moscow Russian Orthodox Church, together with their wives and children were inside  the church, to us came, as if by chance, and maybe not by chance, some outsiders joined us, young people aged  20 to 30 years.  They were drunk, but, nevertheless, intended to enter with us into the parish hall, showing excessive persistence.  In the temples of the MP are "guests" who have come to light lampadok, who have long ceased to be a rarity, but in our churches or any random people who are unchurchly & also pretty tipsy such people,  has never happened before.  These young men blocked the way of our parishioners, who told them that being  drunk in the church is not allowed..  Right in front of the guys, they  were pushed aback, and the church door shut (the porch of the building fenced with metal bars) which  caused the first confusion, then anger and aggression and random open madness by the "offended" people.

The service was in full swing when we heard the noise and thunder, reminiscent of a bombardment shelling.  It turns out that those young people went home and returned, and they then began attacking our church, like a besieged fortress, by throwing at it all that came to hand, rocks and bottles at the windows, a  trash box in the grid.  Male worshipers rushed out onto the porch, and, without opening the door-grating tried to reason, to calm the raging mob.  But they did not listen to our words and continued to rage, shouting at the same time the same words, "a sect, a sect, beat them!"  As a result of the pogrom there were broken windows and damaged several parked cars belonging to the parishioners.  It was  only a miracle that none of our members were injured.  Despite the strong desire to calm down the angry  thugs, and so as to not get involved in a fight, none of us (who had just confessed and taken Holy Communion), succumbed to provocation.

And the fact was, that this outrage was not the  simple  drunken antics of local drunks and hooligans, but was a planned provocation,as  we learned later.  After the arrival of the cops (sorry, police), when one of our parishioners, whose car was damaged, went to the localpolice  office to write a statement  regarding the  damage that had been caused.  It was there from the conversations of police-employees, he realized that the thugs (there were about ten people), which group was clearly organized and lead, was clearly headed, some egged on, and they were  incited by our  prayers.  These Soviet patriots, anti-fascists someone clearly inspired with the idea that zarubezhniki - are a sect, and are the main enemies of the native state (RF) and native Church (MP).  Apparently, the cops knew about the impending crime, and did not prevent it.  Not only did  they arrive on the scene, littered with broken glass, very late.  Not only did they not  take testimonies from the parishioners, who were witnesses to the crime, but not a criminal case was brought in hot pursuit, and the victimized  building, was not photographed.  But even the two thugs who were caught, were  not held for a long time, & they were released  from the police department after the interrogation, apparently on a command from above.

From the above report, we can conclude the following.  Persecution of true Orthodox Christians (and zarubezhnikov catacombniks), begun in this godless country in 1917, is still ongoing,  and most likely with each passing day, it will grow worse and worse.  But most important of all else, is the fact that the main instigators of this persecution are still the secret service (KGB), who supervise the activities of youth Komsomol organizations (antifascist, Nashi, etc.) as well as intelligence official antihristvuyuschey MPs, headed by Cyril Gundyaev.  Fearing competition, he and his associates under the specious pretext of fighting sectarians and schismatics are engaged in a  full-scale war against the Orthodox Christians and Russian resistance in general.
 Shared by:  The correspondent of the Moscow parish of the ROCOR

End TImes Study

On the Coming of Antichrist and the End of the World
by Archbishop Nathanael of Vienna and Austria

When reading the grace-filled prophecies of antiquity, one must remember that not only is it impossible to foresee the future without special divine aid, but it is difficult or even impossible to comprehend the prophecies which we read or hear.  This is true of the description of the outward condition of future generations of mankind, and even more so of their inner state.

We will cite an example to illustrate this.

During World War II, when much of mankind in many cities of various countries suffered from murderous air-raids, many people applied to the airplanes the well-known words of the Apocalypse concerning the locusts with "breastplates of iron" (Rev. 9:9).  This analogy is far from being disputed, of course.  Nevertheless, if we agree with it, we should note that these lines of the Apocalypse became intelligible only in our generation, which is acquainted with aviation, and were completely incomprehensible to previous generations.

This is true to an even greater degree in regard to the inner experiences of the human soul.  How well could a person of the eighteenth century, let us say, not to mention times more ancient, have understood present-day experiences and attitudes of people?  Therefore, when the Lord revealed the vision of the future to the holy Prophet Daniel, He said: " ... the vision ... that was mentioned is true: and do thou seal the vision for it is for many days" (Dan 8:26).  This idea is repeated in the twelfth chapter: "And thou, Daniel, close the words, and seal the book to the time of the end" (verse 4); and again: " ... Go, Daniel: for the words are closed and sealed up to the time of the end" (verse 9).*

And the Lord in His address to Daniel adds this: "Many must be chosen out, and thoroughly whitened, and tried with fire, and sanctified, but the transgressors shall transgress: and none of the transgressors shall understand; but the wise shall understand" (12:10).

We wish to share one more thought before passing on to the eschatological pronouncements of the Christian Church.

Many people are troubled and tempted by the fact that intense expectations of the coming Antichrist and the end of the world have seized faithful Christians repeatedly already.  What is more, it may be said that from the very beginning of history the Christian Church has lived in the expectation of the quick coming of the end of the ages and the Second Coming of Christ.

But we should not think that those expectations were unfounded or mistaken.

The world's end was, and remains, imminent to each epoch.  Indeed, the ultimate significance of this world lies in the preparation for the entrance into the kingdom of God of greater and greater numbers of people saved by the Blood of Christ.  And since it is only with the cessation of this process, i.e., the process of the turning to Christ by ever newer and newer human souls, that the meaning of the existence of the world will disappear and its end will begin. (sic)

Christ our Saviour Himself indicated this with the close analogy of the inner state of mankind before the end of the world to that of the human race before the coming of the ancient Flood.  The Bible characterizes this state as follows: " ... The Lord God said: My Spirit shall certainly not remain among these men forever, because they are flesh ..."  And further: "And the Lord God having seen that the wicked actions of men were multiplied upon the earth, and that every one in his heart was intently brooding over evil continually ..."  And further: "But the earth was corrupted before God, and the earth was filled with iniquity.  And the Lord God saw the earth, and it was corrupted ... "  Lf course the existence of a humanity concerned only with the flesh, i.e., interested only in the physical aspect of things, a humanity whose entire mind is set only upon evil, a humanity comprised not of people being saved, but only of people going to destruction – the existence of such a humanity is meaningless.  And the Lord exterminated it in the waters of the Flood.

And the same thing or something similar to this state overpowered mankind more than once since New Testament times.  And the end of the world came close in those periods.

When Christianity came into the world, very few followed it at first.  The apostles and their co-strugglers took their preaching to the ends of the earth.  And the heeding of this preaching, the turning to Christ or not, depended upon the will of those who heard it.  And if the preaching of the apostles had proven vain, if mankind had not heeded them, then the further existence of the world would have been manifestly meaningless, and its end would have come then.  Who can say that this end was not very close at those times?

People of sensitive soul perceived that.  This is one (and not the only) reason why the first decades of Christianity were nourished by eschatological expectations.

the first decades of Christianity were nourished by eschatological expectations

The greatest glory of mankind and the pledge of its entire subsequent history, lies in the fact that a significant portion of mankind followed the apostles, and thus the existence of the world was justified.

Periods when the inner creative and grace-bearing currents dried up in mankind have come not infrequently, and with them their consequences.  And each time, sensitive souls have begun to expect the end of the world.

The epoch of the French Revolution reminds one in many ways of the epoch of the Russian Revolution.  They share the blatant and unembarrassed triumph of evil and the hatred of God in the sympathy of all those who deem themselves the progressive elements throughout the world.  And if now the signs of the approaching end of the world are more numerous than ever before, then these signs during the epoch of the French Revolution were perhaps less numerous than now, yet nevertheless very numerous or more numerous than during all preceding epochs.  Therefore the apocalyptic stance and those ideas that compared the image of Napoleon to that of Antichrist, which were mocked in the novel War and Peace by L. Tolstoy, in actual fact were not completely without basis.

The Excommunication of Tolstoy

The original indications of the signs of the coming of Antichrist and the proximity of the end of the world are found in the prophecies of Daniel in the 7-12th chapters of his book.  We will not repeat them, since they are found in the Bible, and the Bible is sufficiently available, at least in the so-called free world.  We shall say only that it is, in general, difficult to understand these holy prophecies, and more especially difficult because in them the historical perspective is missing and prophesies of times separated from each other by at least one thousand years are combined.

For example, it is clear that prophecies in the seventh, eighth, and twelfth chapters relate to apocalyptic times.  But the end of the ninth chapter, from verse 22 onward, relates to the coming of Christ the Saviour into the world, i.e., events which were accomplished nearly two-thousand years ago.

But exactly in these lines we can see how clear and precise the holy Daniel's prophecies are.

" ... From the going forth of the command for the answer and for the building of Jerusalem until Christ the Prince there shall be seven weeks, and sixty-two weeks ... And after the sixty-two weeks, the Messiah shall be destroyed, and there is no judgment in Him; and He shall destroy the city and the sanctuary with the prince that is coming: they shall be cut off with a flood, and to the end of the war which is rapidly completed He shall appoint desolations.  And one week shall establish the covenant with many: and in the weeks of days the sacrifice and drink-offering shall be taken away: and in the holy place shall be the abomination of desolation ..."

And all this was written exactly 500 years before the nativity of Christ, prior to the crucifixion of the Lord, before the leveling of Jerusalem by Titus.  And not only Christians preserve this book of prophecies concerning Christ.  All the words quoted here are written in Hebrew (the second through the eighth chapters of Daniel are written in Aramaic, but the ninth in Hebrew) and are preserved in the books of the Hebrews, who are by no means well-disposed toward Christianity.  In this there is the age-old providential destiny of the Hebrews: albeit involuntarily, but by that fact especially beyond question, they witness to the correctness of the Christian teachings.

There are apocalyptic prophecies in the Prophet Isaiah, for example: 11:4, 14:12-21, 24:16-23, 27:1,2; 66:15-24.  But in his case, as the "Old Testament Evangelist", these prophecies, even more than those of the Prophet Daniel, are conjoined with prophecies concerning Christ the Saviour.

Unsettling in its vividness is the prophecy concerning the resurrection of the dead before the Dread Judgment which we find in the thirty-seventh chapter of the prophecy of Ezekiel.  This prophecy is well-known to every Church-goer.  It is read at Matins of Great Saturday.

There are powerful prophecies about the end of he world in the book of the Wisdom of Solomon: chapter three and the second half of chapter eighteen.

If the reader of these lines has only a Bible published by the Bible Society, then he will not find in it the book of he Wisdom of Solomon.  In the first century after Christ this book was rejected by a conclave of Jewish rabbis in Jamnia, not for its eschatological prophecies, but for what, in their opinion, was an all-too-obvious prophecy about Christ.  And the Protestants of the sixteenth century, in the process of defining what they would recognize as comprising the Bible, were guided by the Jewish definitions of the first century.

Although they do not relate directly to the present theme, we shall include, for the reader who does not have a Bible issued by the Orthodox Church, those lines from the book of the Wisdom of Solomon which caused it to be excluded from the Jewish canon.

"Therefore let us set snares for the righteous, for he is useless to us, and is opposed to our deeds, and upbraideth us for sins contrary to the Law, and defameth us for the sins of our education; he professeth to have the knowledge of God, and he calleth himself the son of the Lord; he is become for us a denunciation of our thoughts; he is grievous unto us even to behold, for his life is not like other men's, and his ways are of another fashion.  We are esteemed of him as counterfeits: he abstaineth from our ways as from filthiness; he calleth blessed the end of the righteous, and maketh his boast that God is his father.  Let us see if his words be true: and let us prove what shall happen to him in the end.  For if he be the Son of God, He will defend him, and deliver him from the hand of his enemies.  Let us examine him with despitefulness and torture, that we may know his meekness and prove his guilelessness.  Let us condemn him with a shameful death: for according to his own words shall he be considered.  Such things did they imagine, and were deceived: for their own wickedness hath blinded them" (Chapter 2:12-21).

When the writer of these lines used to teach Old Testament in seminary courses which were attended by former Soviet officers who were hearing this prophecy for the first time, one of them said: "It is as if King Solomon overheard 900 years previously what the Sadducees and Pharisees said on Golgotha!"  Certainly a book with such lines could not be accepted into the canon by the children and younger brothers of those who cried "Crucify him!"  Had they accepted it, they would have had to renounce the terrible deeds of their fathers and fall down before Christ.

Let us likewise consider the astonishingly powerful and poetic verses of the same sacred book on the nativity of Christ: "For while all was held in peaceful silence, and the night in its course reached the midpoint, Thine Almighty Word (O Lord) came down from heaven out of the royal throne as a fierce warrior into the midst of the perishing earth.  He brought Thine unfeigned commandment as a sharp sword ... He touched the heaven and stood upon the earth" (chapter 18:14-16).  From the first moment of His earthly life Christ our Savior was this "fierce warrior", a fighter against evil, and not the sweet "Baby Jesus" as he is depicted in sentimental Western paintings and stories.

In the New Testament the Lord Jesus Christ Himself speaks at length about the last times.  For example in the Gospel of Matthew, 24:3-44 (in this place are found the words of Christ that are now so understandable to us: " ... Because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold."  For is it love we find in contemporary debauchees who insolently trample underfoot the laws of both God and man?), and 25:31-46; and in the Gospel of Mark, 13:1-37; and Luke, 21: 7-36.

The end of the world is referred to in many of the parables of the Lord; for example, in the parables of the talents, of the evil vineyard-keepers, of the wise virgins, and others.  Scattered in separate passages are the words of Christ on the end of the world, as, for example, His sorrowful words: " ... When the Son of Man cometh, shall He find faith on earth?" (Luke 18:8).

Much is said of the last times in the epistles of the apostles, especially in the Epistle of the Apostle Jude, and in the Second Epistle of the Apostle Peter.  The First Epistle of the Apostle John sets forth the main characteristics of Antichrist (2:18 and 22,; 4:3, and II:7).  The very term 'Antichrist' was introduced into ecclesiastical thought by the holy Apostle John the Theologian.

The Apostle Paul terms Antichrist the "man of lawlessness".  The Epistle to the Thessalonians refers most frequently to the last times in the fifth chapter of the First Epistle and the second chapter of the (text missing)

Finally, the closing book of the Holy Bible, the Revelations, or Apocalypse of the holy Apostle John the Theologian is devoted to prophecies concerning the last times of the world.

We have already mentioned that this book is difficult to understand and interpret.  However, as time passes and we come closer to the events foretold in the Apocalypse, the clearer the images of this book become.  And we are, of course, closer to them than preceding generations, regardless of how far ahead lies the period of the Apocalypse.

We have seen the white, the red, and the black horsemen.  We understand the thought behind the words which come from the souls of those murdered for the word of God: "How long O Lord, holy and true, dost Thou not judge and avenge our blood on them that dwell on the earth?" (6:10).  Who of the faithful, upon seeing the impudent triumph of evil, cruelty, and falsehood in our times, has not cried out to God with these or similar words?

In becoming aware of the catastrophic pollution of the air, water, and earth by contemporary civilization, we understand better than preceding generations the words of the Apocalypse: " ... And the third part of trees was burnt up, and all green grass was burnt up" (8:7); " ... And the third part of the sea became blood; and the third part of the creatures which were in the sea and had life, died" (8:8, 9); " ... The third part of the waters became wormwood; and many men died of the waters because they were made bitter" (8:11).  And the same is said in the sixteenth chapter of the Apocalypse.

It would be difficult to name another book that could become more understandable with the passing of the centuries since it was written.

In the period following that of the apostles, a vast number of the holy fathers spoke and wrote about the end of the world.  It would be impossible to enumerate them all.

We will include only a few: St. Hippolytus of Rome, who indicated that the Antichrist will be the son of a debauched woman; St. Irenaeus of Lyons, St. Cyril of Alexandra, and St. Basil the Great (Ethical Rules" No. 6, and Letters 43 and 64).

Particularly important in the commentary of the holy fathers on the prophecy of the Second Coming of Christ is the Homily on the Coming of Antichrist by St. Ephraim the Syrian.  This homily is relatively easy to obtain even now, since it was published in the brochure, A Ray of Light by Holy Trinity Monastery in 1964.

available today through sjkp.org

On par with the "Homily" of St. Ephraim in quality, of the important works that are commentaries on the eschatological prophecies from the patristic period, are the works of St. Andrew of Caesarea, a writer of the fifth century.

It was St. John Chrysostom who explained that under the name of "him that restraineth" in the Apostle Paul's Epistle to the Thessalonians, one should understand the Roman Empire (and by extension one can infer also the legitimate successors of the Roman Empire – Byzantium and Russia – the Third Rome).

Of prime importance is the instruction of St. John Damascene which disproves the opinion that arose that Antichrist will be the devil incarnate.

We shall conclude this list of the pronouncements of the holy fathers concerning the end of the world with the narrative of the Synaxarion for Meat-Fare Sunday (the Sunday of the Dread Judgment).

This narrative was formerly included in all the Lenten Triodia and, therefore, could be found in the kleros of every Orthodox Church.  Regrettably, in editions published outside Russia this narrative has been omitted.  According to the Church Typicon this narrative should be read during the all-night vigil on the Sunday of Meat-Fare, i.e., the Sunday of the week preceding the beginning of Great Lent.  But this injunction of the typicon is observed only in a very few churches.

We shall include this synaxarion in a shortened form so that it may be more widely distributed:

When the coming of Christ will be, no one knoweth:  for this was hidden by the Lord from the apostles, but it will be made clear when certain signs have come forewarning, as certain of the saints have widely explained.  Before His coming will come Antichrist: for this one will conduct himself like Christ (i.e., will imitate Christ), and work miracles like those that Christ accomplished, and will raise the dead.  These will work upon the imagination of all, as the apostle hath said; and then the son of perdition will be revealed in all his power and signs and false miracles.  In the sermon of Hippolytus it is written that Antichrist will be born of a defiled woman and a pretended virgin, being of the Jews, of the tribe of Dan.  And John Damascene saith that it will not be the devil incarnate, but a man born of fornication, who will accept all satanic activity, and will suddenly arise.  Likewise he will seem good and meek to all.  And then will be great famine.  And he will satisfy all.  And he will please the people.  The Scripture will be fulfilled.  And he will love the Jewish race very much.  And he will reach Jerusalem and erect their temple.  And seven years before the coming of Christ, Enoch and Elias will come preaching to the people not to receive Antichrist.  And he will seize them and torture them, and then also behead them.  And those desiring to be pious will flee far away to the mountains, where they will be found and be tempted by demons.  For the sake of the elect these seven years will be shortened.  And there will be great famine, and all the elements will melt with fervent heat, for in a little while all will perish.

And after these things, suddenly, like lightning from heaven, will be the coming of the Lord, preceded by His precious Cross.  And a fiery, boiling river shall come forth before Him, purifying the whole earth from defilement ...

We shall conclude this, our brief and very inadequate article about the testimony of the Church, concerning the end of the ages, with the encouraging words of Christ: "When these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh" (Luke 21:28).  And with the radiant, joyous, and tender words of the Apocalypse: "God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain ..." (21:4).

"... The time is at hand.  He that is unjust, let him be unjust still: and he that is filthy, let him be filthy still: and he that is righteous, let him be righteous still: and he that is holy, let him be holy still.  Behold, I come quickly; and My reward is with Me, to reward every man according to his works ...

"Even so, come Lord Jesus!" (22:10-12).

* All Old Testament quotes in this article are according to the Slavonic Septuagint

Translated from Russian by Timothy Fisher

We already knew it anyway

RocorMP priest Victor Potapov is a KGB agent

And now our Vladyka Agafangel knows it too:

"Before, I did not trust the words of those who said Archpriest Victor Potapov, a KGB agent (SBU). Now I do not doubt it." 

Neither do we doubt it, dear Vladyka.

No Funny Judgments Allowed

from Joanna's notepad

Which is it ?

Define "FUNNY"
– is it funny ha-ha? or funny peculiar?

Define "JUDGE
– is it judge condemn? or judge discern?


The Brotherhood of St. Xenia of Petersburg Cathedral

On the Sunday of the Myrrh-bearing Women

have the distinct pleasure to invite
our cherished women and girls
to a
champagne reception in their honour

immediately following Divine Liturgy
Sunday, 29 April 2012
11:45 am
Parish Hall
spouses, family members are, of course, invited as well

Parish Events Bulletin
Blessed Saint Xenia of Petersburg
Russian Orthodox Cathedral
2 Colchester Square
OTTAWA Ontario (Kanata) K2K 2W9
www.stxenia.ca    tel 613.599.9367    
OC Transpo Teron Station stop no. 3018
bus 93 164 168 60 65 68 169
OC Transpo schedule tel 613.560.9367 stop 3018  

Arson at Barnaul

- 04\25\12 - During the night of April 24-25, a group of evildoers attempted to burn down the Ascension church in Barnaul.  This is the fourth attempt this year.

                  Photos here: http://www.hram.alt-srn.ru/component/content/article/103-podjog4 

Satanic Fire:
Another fire occurred in the church community of Barnaul Ishim Siberian dioceses on the night of April 24 and 25. There is reason to believe that the "red cock" again visited the small wooden church arson - is the fourth (in little more than a year) an attempt to destroy the unknown intruders, for some reason he hated the building.
As in previous times, the church was not burned to the ground due to prompt action Ognebortsy city, who went immediately to the scene. The signal received at 2:00 on the 46 previously arrived to the church staff CHOP "Warlord." However, the fire at this time caused significant damage to the Orthodox community: economic annex to the main building is completely burnt, the fire destroyed the electrical system and destroyed the piano, the capacity for the consecration of the water and many other things. Gable roof of the temple burned, burned a banner with the image of St. Nicholas the Martyr King. The arsonists were caught red-handed, and therefore unlikely to be found in our valiant police. One need only add that among the detractors of urban communities of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of people in the know call the Diocese of Barnaul and Moscow Patriarchate Orthodox Church, which took the force of "competitors in the faith," a stone church in the Science City (Barnaul in the suburbs), and local rabid supporters of the movement "anti-fascists "Tochal teeth on the abbot of the community, Fr Georgy Titov, whom they consider the other skinheads and" obscurant ". Currently, the congregation lead their church in the order of the victim, church services there will continue against the wishes of the dark forces.
25.04.2012 at 2.46 alarm went off on the remote protection (we passed the church under the protection of the security firm). The crew left, and after 5 minutes was on the spot. Burning open fire extension of the church. We called the fire and me. When we came to a son, probably, half an hour, had already worked two firefighters calculation. Street over the past two quarters was zadymlena. The flames had already shot down a little. But when we turn on the front of the temple itself is, extinguished, but the charred and burned it to the banner hanging from the Emperor. All that was burned down in an annex. Royal, many parishioners donated carpets, inoperable capacity for the consecration of water baptism, wood and many other things at tsennosti.Steny extension almost completely ruined. To four hours the fire was extinguished.
In the photo, where firefighters put out - their second visit to the re-ignition due to the fact that nedopotushili. Somewhere smoldering.
Fr Georgy Titov 

Holy Land Story on CBS

from Mother Agapia

A pilgrimage to the Holy Land has always been a deeply cherished desire of  Orthodox Christians of all backgrounds.  St Metropolitan Philaret of New York said to visit the Holy Land was like reading a 5th Gospel.  The site of our Saviour’s birth, Passion and Resurrection, the land where He preached the Good Word and accomplished His miracles truly enriches and animates forever the soul of any Christian fortunate enough to visit.  But what is the Holy Land without its living stones – without a Christian community to care for these Holy Sites and to worship in them on a daily basis?  As one who lived in Jerusalem and Bethany (West Bank – “over the Wall”) for ten years and witnessed the hardships Christians face in order to maintain their livelihoods and practice their faith in the face of the Israeli occupation I am grateful to CBS and the 60 Minutes program for highlighting the problems the Holy Land faithful endure.  It is to our shame as Orthodox Christians in the West that we do not do more to help and support our brethren overseas.  Viewing this program is one way for us to begin to understand their dilemma  and hopefully will encourage more to go and visit not only the sites in the Holy Land but to become more aware and supportive of the faithful Christian parishioners trying to maintain the Orthodox faith in the land of our Lord’s birth.*
Christians of the Holy Land

The Last Christian Village in the Holy Land
*For those interested, since returning to the States it has been my goal to visit the Holy Land at least once a year (usually the last 2 weeks in February) and to take a small group of pilgrims with me.  The visit includes not only the usual tour of Holy Sites but worship in local parishes and meetings with Palestinian Christians.  For more information I can be contacted at: convent@stnicholasconvent.org mother Agapia, St. Nicholas Convent


Happy Names Day
Fr. Gregory Williams
New Hieromartyr Gregory V Patriarch of Constantinople

Russian Spies Haven't Gone Away
Wall Street Journal 4/20/12

Reuter's News from Russia

Joanna, Christ is Risen!
Just received this. The follow up that [ ___ ] sent was good.

The following is actually a rather objective account of some of the troubles the MP Church has been going through in the past month or so:
After some thought, this sticks in my craw. on the surface this 'free' organized demonstration in defense of the MP seems defensible. Faithful protesting the punk rock girls and enemies real and imagined. If an organization exists that needs less protection I'd like to know it. When in fear or doubt blame the victims. The victims are the Russian people who are subjected to the cynical rapaciousness who are daily victimized by this organization. As bad as what happened by the 'Punk' girls in Christ the Saviour Cathedral, the disgusting abuse of power and failure of the MP to nourish it's flock is much, much worse. The money changers in the temple were rank amateurs compared to these thugs. The only value with them is money and /or power. They use and abuse the church for filthy lucre and persecute those who disagree as much as they can get away with. It seems to me that minus all the panoply of the MP protest one would be left with a militant atheist parade in Soviet Union in the 1920's.

Dear M,
Indeed He is risen!
Yes, evil characteristically blames the victim.  One psychopath wife-beater said once, "I had to keep punching her because she wouldn't stop screaming."
As long as love of God exists in the human heart, antichrist will stomp on it.  It is heartbreaking to see the Russian faithful suffering such abuse and neglect.

from Vladyka Agafangel's blog

Our future. Page 84 - metr. A.'s comment
translated for us by Vladimir Djambov

Christ is Risen! XB!

April 20 2012, 15:43:14 UTC 2 days ago
Я одно время надеялся, что будет судебный процесс над коммунистической идеологией (что-то вроде Нюрнберга) -- ведь жертв этой идеологии намного больше, чем жертв фашизма. Но теперь для меня очевидно, что этого не будет, поскольку коммунистическая система должна быть положена в основу "политической системы" времен антихриста. В СССР была "генеральная репетиция" того, что произойдет со всем миром. Сейчас весь мир "левеет" -- движется в сторону этой системы.

April 20 2012, 15:43:14 UTC 2 days ago

Once I used to hope there would be a lawsuit over communist ideology (something like Nuremberg) – for this ideology’s victims number much more than the victims of fascism. But today it is obvious to me this will never happen inasmuch as the communist system should be placed at the basis of the “political system” of the times of the anti-christ. The Soviet Union held a “dress rehearsal” of what will happen to the entire world. Now all the world “goes left(-ish)” – it is moving toward this system [exactly].

Vladimir Djambov, Eng
00359.885.455.189 - M/cell
00359.2.855.62.62 - H
En <> Bg translation, interpreting

Thank you, Vladimir.

A Responsibility of Laymen

19. What is the position of the laity in the Church?

The Holy Spirit's gifts are poured out on the laity according to God's economy of salvation, and the laity share with the bishops and clergy in being guardians of the truth. While they do not participate in the bishop's divinely appointed office of teaching and proclaiming the truth, they do guard it, for all of God's people possess the truth (Christian dogma). As Archimandrite Adrianos, a former abbot of St. Catherine's Monastery on Mount Sinai, notes in this regard:

A decision of the Orthodox Church is never imposed from above, as it is by papism: the people of God are the defenders of the faith, wielding a veto, rejecting whatever is contrary to Tradition, and even judging the Orthodoxy of any ecumenical synod that can be characterized as a "robber synod." [A Letter of Orthodox Confession, p. 6].

The Human-Demon


 There is a saying among the Fathers that "no man sins alone." In his Orthodox Moral Theology (in Russian), Professor Ivan Andreyev relates a New York City newspaper's account of a 29-year old child-killer. When the police arrived on the scene, the tortured child was already dead, yet the mother was continuing to beat him and showed no signs of remorse. The police, accustomed to all sorts of crimes, "were not able to bear the sight of the little body," which appeared to be nothing more than "one massive wound," as the article reported. Concerning this horrific tragedy, Dr. Andreyev writes:

Since we are all sinners, we create evil and our evil becomes a part of the world's treasury of evil. This evil coalesces into a huge energy of evil which seeks vessels of graceless bodies to put itself into, and when it finds them, it will be incarnated in them and they will do great acts of evil.... Let each one of us consider himself... what were you doing on the evening when this unbelievable but very real act was carried out? Indeed, perhaps it was your sin, your depravity, your malice that provided the last drop of evil necessary for this child-killer's vessel of evil to overflow? This is how we must understand these matters if we are to call ourselves real Christians ["Weep!" translated from Russian in Orthodox Life, vol. 43, no. 2, 1993, pp. 38, 41-42].

Meet a real psychopath in this documentary [just over an hour long].
Note the way the psychopath affects his wife and the film director.


Before watching the documentary, here is a good introduction:

Moleben in Vologda to St. Nicholas

Prayer request for Antonina suffering from cancer.

Fr. Alexander Lipin and parishioners serve a moleben to St. Nicholas in Vologda.  
Parishioner Dimitriy sends photos:
I send you two photos with our photo-copy of the icon of St. Nicolas and a group-photo after the pray to him. Thank you for the myrr that you send to priest Alexander and us to Vologda! :) It was really great event for me!

RocorMP Church Tries to Escape

Pray for Holy Protection in Nyaak

Flip-flopped RocorMP archpriest George Larin is sending this around calling it "Rodzianko's latest diatribe"

related post:


√ Astoria Pascha Photos uploaded

√ Georgian Communities denied use of their Churches
     Orthodox Christians from among the ethnic Georgian population in the
north-western Gakh Region, which borders Georgia, are also banned from
meeting in their own places of worship. The Georgian Orthodox Church would
like to fully reopen four churches in the region, and establish a
monastery. In recent years the authorities have restricted worship to no
more than 30 minutes in only three of the churches. "But our services need
at least an hour and a half," Bishop Sergi Chekurishvili of Nekrisi, whose
diocese in eastern Georgia includes the churches and has often visited the
Region, told Forum 18 in January 2009. He fears that many Georgian Orthodox
are deprived of the sacraments, and can die without access to communion. As
of April 2012, two Georgian Orthodox communities have state registration.
     17 April 2012
By Felix Corley, Editor, Forum 18 News Service <http://www.forum18.org>,
and John Kinahan, Forum 18 News Service <http://www.forum18.org>

Living Orthodoxy #188

March-April 2012

sample page:

English Liturgy in Astoria

Bright Saturday

Dear Friends and Supporters, 

The next Divine Liturgy in English will be on the Saturday following Pascha, that is, April 21 Bright Saturday at ten in the morning at Holy Trinity Church, 25-36 37th Street, Astoria.  

Father Victor Dobroff will be serving.  Should you need to contact him, his email address and his telephone number [are listed in the directory]. 

This will be a special Divine  Liturgy as it is still within Bright Week.  Thank you for your kind attendance.  

Congratulations to all on the coming Holy and Bright Resurrection 
our Lord Jesus Christ the Ever Bright and Enlightening Holy Feast of Pascha!  

Wailing of a Karlovac

From the Archive of 2006
An article by the well-known both in the Fatherland and in Russia Abroad, film director Vadim Vinogradov, awarded in 1992 – for his film “The Russian Secret” and the Gethsemane of the Tsar-Martyr – GRATITUDE on behalf of all the bishops, members of the ROCOR Synod of Bishops,.
Both devastating wars and revolutions,
allowed for Russia namely, for the sins of
the Church, which came to love the outward rather
than the internal, and the rite better than the spirit.
(A revelation received by Russia’s 
New Martyrs and Confessors in prison)

Wailing of a Karlovac
Vadim Vinogradov, director of the film “The Russian Secret”.
April 2006.
Russian Orthodoxy abroad is in anticipation of the All-Diaspora Council. But would the council vote for union with MP or not – this is already of no importance: for everything has now been done! The hierarchs of ROCOR (L) and the clergy and laity who followed them – with the very switch of their home’s foundation from stone to sand, have already accomplished a surrender [capitulation] before Sergianists.
And there, a bitter wailing by a Karlovac:
The delegation of Orthodox Church Abroad, which officially arrived in Russia, was brought to delight by the external sweet decorations. The delegation’s report reads: “Metropolitan Laurus and the members of the delegation he headed voiced their joy about the spiritual life revival in Russia, noting the fact that Orthodox faithful living in Europe or in U.S., unfortunately, have little idea about that powerful spiritual upsurge, taking place in Russia of today”.
The Russian people, and especially the youth, get corrupted by unprecedented so far means and pace, already behind the fence of the Moscow Patriarchate, too. And this terrible spiritual corruption the yesterday guardians of Russian Orthodoxy now see the church smokescreen of this corruption, already as a mighty spiritual upsurge. As in fact, each and every member of the delegation to have officially arrived in Russia knew better than many of their Russian colleagues from the commissions on joint talks about the years of “no repression”, proclaimed in everyone’s hearing by the elder of our time, Archimandrite Ioann [John] (Krestiankin): “That which theomachism could not do at the time, is now being done by those who think of themselves as guardians of the faith and canons”. («Дорожная сума бывалого монаха» “Road scrip of a seasoned monk”, p. 23)
Maybe this exactly was what St. John of Shanghai foresaw when he said: New traitors should not even be let enter the borders of Russia.
But who should not let this very surrender [capitulation] enter the borders of Russia?
Yes, their very own Orthodox conscience! But here (you are), conscience... For what St. John feared that (the Diaspora) abroad would produce many conscious workers against Orthodox Russia, who – while remaining on the outward Orthodox and Russian, would work in secret against Russia, this is what has happened.
Some would say: what a terrible accusation – Work in secret against Russia! What sort of thing is this?
And this, behold! – is that hidden hypocrisy that we observe with Laurites* everywhere. For instance, what has happened with Archbishop Mark of Berlin? For he used to proclaim until very recently:
“The Moscow Patriarchate – this is a newly formed organism, which has grown on the basis of renovationism. And this renovationism is very strongly felt in its depths to this day, and just perhaps – it is even enhanced, since an advocacy of Sergianism is in full swing today.” 
And when in Palestine the Moscow Patriarchate with the help of Arafat initially forcibly took away from ZARIBEZHNIKs (ROCOR faithful) the plot of land with the oak of Mamre {Mambrian oak-tree}, and later – also a plot of land in Jericho, which they kept with incredible efforts for 80 years, then the ZARUBEZHNIKs (ROCOR faithful) once again gave a clear definition of this seizure of their property by the Moscow Patriarchate: it is “yet another example of the close association of the Moscow Patriarchate with the state. This exactly – they said – we call Sergianism, which is one of the most important discrepancy between us and the Moscow Patriarchate, who are in the arms (embrace) of the post-Soviet state.”
And so, what has happened with Archbishop Mark and his like-minded bishops of the Church Abroad? Having given a definition of the true state of the Moscow Patriarchate, they all of sudden cried out with quite the opposite exclamation: “Please forgive us for all our harsh and inappropriate words!”? That is to say, please forgive us for that truth which we have spoken to you, trying to protect you from Sergianism’s pernicious road.
And so, what has happened with the bishops of the Church Abroad and their faithful parishioners? Why are ye fearful, O ye of little faith? [Matth. 8:26] – a question to all times. Through the care of structuring their earthly life these Karlovac descendants did acquire Sergianist fear and that very fear began speaking in them: –We cannot be in isolation!
What is contrary to the very spirit of Karlovac, crying out: “Russian citizen, speak, like Maximus the Confessor did before the Monothelitic heretics: “If the whole universe even would go on the road of this madness, I alone shall not follow suit after them!” And like those three blessed youths before Nebuchadnezzar II (Nabucco), truly the only ones in all the world remained faithful to God and glorified His Truth amidst the fiery furnace, so we, too, shall remain faithful to the basics of the Russian Christian life, no matter would we be many or few.”
Yes, the reason to have changed the consciousness of those who through serving God began to conceal their serving to the world, has always been this – wicked fear. That same fear has also led to the surrender. The fear that tomorrow they would take away from us much more and what not. Right to a tee just as in Sergianists – the fear to lose one’s amazing placidity, in the especially satiated well-being.
This is to say: nothing new! Concern about structuring one’s earthly life has in due time conditioned even the “secret reason for the contemplated deicide: the apprehension of the bishops (at that time – Pharisees) to lose their power, their importance within the Church, their earthly privileges, coupled with power and ecclesiastical importance.” 
That is to say, that all this now defines the ideology of the church organization, but not at all – the Body of Christ: Caring about structuring one’s earthly life! – stands high above everything else. And for one thing that very process of convergence, these countless dialogues of commissions only confirm that both MP and ROCOR (L) behave exclusively as organizations, but not at all as representatives of the One Body of Christ. What do they not even hide! For whom (are they) to hide (it) from? From a congregation, which is no longer able to liken the (Church) organization to the Body of Christ? And therefore with such a spiritually underdeveloped congregation and with atheistic journalists the talk on union between the said organizations is carried on using worldly (everyday, life) instances and in a secular language that they can understand.
Here’s a little sample of this:
In the process of unification one need remember that “these are unequal sizes (quantities): the Moscow Patriarchate has 27,000 congregations, while the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad (ROCOR) has 280” – Patriarch Alexy II said, in particular, during his visit to Kaliningrad. (NG-RELIGII / Wednesday 20 September 2006) The fact that this small quantity of 280 parishes in its time has glorified the New Martyrs and is the only one in the world, which was not afraid to anathematize ecumenism, and that the big quantity, in the 27,000 parishes, was unable of any such achievements has failed to settle in the minds. All thinking of that great quantity has turned upside down as soon as it substituted the body of Christ with organization. And the quantitative values gained an upper hand over spiritual ones.
While the forcible seizure of property from the ZARUBEZHNIKs (ROCOR faithful) by the Moscow Patriarchate was, in fact, a God’s trial of the ROCOR hierarchs’ firmness, which they – already tired of entering the strait gates, no longer stood. The objectives of this world have gained an upper hand. And their surrender began to what they themselves had just called... Sergianism.
The first denunciation of Sergianism sounded as early as back in the Book of Job. All Job’s words to friends are denunciation of the future Sergianism. Sergianism is not yet (existing) in the world, but the Lord through Job already warns about the terrible infirmity that would strike the world through people reflecting on faith, that is, through the clergy. Ye do secretly accept persons (act the hypocrite)! (Job, 13:10) – this is essence of Sergianism, which received its definition far before the new era. Ye do secretly accept persons (act the hypocrite)! – a prophecy about the state of the soul not of an unbeliever, but of a soul that declares itself as the soul of one believing in God.
Oh, would only Laurites noteworthy for their hidden Sergianist hypocrisy, have taken a course of rapprochement with Sergianists. Thus Laurites * have come under the most terrible lie – the lie to oneself. By the arrival of the official ROCOR (L) delegation at Moscow Sergianists had prepared a fundamental work – the book “Guardian of the House of the Lord”, which is in itself an unprecedented protection to Sergianism. And, those who call themselves heirs of St. John of Shanghai, seeing perfectly well that Sergianists of today represent – more than in the Soviet times – an “image of captivity and spiritual helplessness”, they not only pretended to not have noticed either this book or other manifestations of Sergianism, but as the Sergianists themselves, they would not notice the corruption of the people leading to perdition all Russia.
And so, the spirit of renovationism, which has began distorting the Christian faith in Russia, through subordination of this world’s goals since 1905, got 100 years later to the descendants of those who glorified Tsar Nicholas II as early as back in 1981 and to many pointed out the path of Truth in our last times.
Thus fell the last stronghold of the fight against godlessness – The Russian Orthodox Church Abroad.
In this doing the truth of what has happened lies with the ROCOR, and not in those crafty addresses to be read at the Council of already capitulated advocates of the union with the MP. And so, all has been done!
But, nevertheless, how would the genuine Karlovac faithful themselves explain what happened with Archbishop Mark and his like-minded associates?
Here is how:
For the sake of personal freedom these Laurites gave up [typo – harvested down] their spiritual freedom!
But not all of the (Russian Orthodox) Church Abroad has taken the path of capitulation to Sergianism. Remaining with Metropolitan Vitaly have been faithful of one-mind with him. We hope that they will prove to be [together] with those whom the gates of hell shall not prevail against [cf. Matth. 16:18]. [Together] With those who make up the mystical Small Flock of Christ, which – as predicted, has prudently hid itself from people, and no Sergianism whatever would ever be able to get it off the only, salvific path of the last times – a path indicated to them by the New Martyrs and Confessors of Russia, helmed by the Holy Tsar-Martyr Nicholas II, a path commanded by our Lord Himself, Jesus Christ: “Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat: Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.” (Matt. 7:13-14)

Continuation of the “Wailing of a Karlovac” 
The sounds of wonderful songs
have gone silent.
not to be heard again...
Abba Isaiah said:
“Should the Church be lacking courage
to defend its views,
then this is not due to a lack of courage,
but it’s due to lack of views.”
The voice of the (Russian Orthodox) Church Abroad has gone silent!
A voice has gone silent to have filled up with wonderful courage of the Orthodox faith all the world departing from God. Metropolitan Anthony’s voice, St. John’s voice, Archbishop Averky’s voice, Archimandrite Konstantin Zaitsev’s voice... was a single sound of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad, calling to follow Christ by the road of the Russian New Martyrs and Confessors. And lo, because of lack of views the sounds of wonderful songs have gone silent...
Pick up in hand the current issue of “Orthodox Rus'” [Pravoslavnaya Rus’], and you will see the entire “lack of views” of those committed to Sergianism. And “Russian pastor” [Russkiy pastyr’] – due to "lack of views" one even cannot succeed to take in hands today.
Today, those who call themselves ROCA, all the while forget their affix (L). And in this (L) – same as the (b) in the VKP(b), is all the point. It is exactly (L) that today is calling all onto the Sergianist path: “We have observed with joy the removal of those obstacles to communion with the Church in Russia, highlighted by our Church hierarchy in the past.
1. A departure from Sergianism in essence appears from the paper on Social doctrine, adopted by the Council of Bishops of the Patriarchate in 2000
2. The question of ecumenism is also loses its edge in view of the overt decreasing of the degree of involvement of the Moscow Patriarchate in the World Council of Churches’ work, joint prayers with heterodox have been discontinued, and communion takes place at the level of theological discussions and church diplomacy.”
1. What a shame! To find support (to base oneself) on the most evil paper of the Sergianists – Social doctrine (of all)!
Well, but who needs today an open coercing to apostasy from Christ and (from) His Church, when today all over the planet the general apostasy from God takes place voluntarily, without any compulsion? All life today of modern mankind is permeated by covert compulsion to apostasy from Christ. Why [at all] would the devil need today to coerce to apostasy from Christ using the means of SOVETCHIKI [Soviet bureaucrats?!?], when the time has come to use bloodless methods and not rough penetration into the soul? Forcing to apostasy from Christ today is effected not using fire and sword, but [using] carrot and stick. But the Sergianist social doctrine of coercion to apostasy from Christ acknowledges the carrot and stick not to be coercion, but to be good. The unclean spirit today enters without any obstacle the Russian souls with other seven spirits that are much more evil than those coercing to apostasy from Christ with the Soviet bureaucrats.
And the Russian [man] – from the latter, the one of today, feels [gets] worse than the former, i.e. the Soviet coercion to apostasy from Christ, when given into the devil’s hands – as was the case with Job, was everything but the Russian soul. And there [you have it!], when the soul’s corruption of today became for our people much more fierce than the Soviet persecutions, there sounds up the wily Sergianist voice: “If the [government] power coerces to apostasy from Christ and His Church, as well as to sinful and spiritually harmful actions, [then] the Church should refuse to obey the state.” One thing only – church in this case should be written with a small letter, as well as in quotes because this would already be the voice not of the Church. This is the voice of a twin of the Church, the voice of a ghost of the Church, the voice of an organization to have replaced the body of Christ because this is the voice of the cunning one [devil]. For doesn’t the total corruption of our people today represent coercion of the authorities to [commit] sinful and spiritually harmful influences?
So what – do not the clergy to have followed [after] Met. Laurus, see this?
Or they have dimmed their eyes so as not to see a thing?
Laurites* seized hold of this sly little phrase as a life belt. And what else could they do? Sergianists not only failed to condemn the declaration of 1927 – “Your joys are our joys,” but effect a full defense of Sergianism as never before that. And so, Laurites* were forced to search a loophole for themselves to convince their flock in the Sergianists’ moving away from Sergianism. And they have discovered it in the winged craftiness: “... to refuse to obey the state.”
When coercion to apostasy from Christ in the form it used to be with the SOVIETCHIKI [soviet bureaucrats] has completely been ruled out – Sergianists – so as to appear as [being] non-Sergianists – promise to “refuse to obey the state”. The author of this willingness to “refuse to obey the state” was exactly 30 years late. For his advisers allowed him to occupy the post of a Bishop rank in 1976. And so, had he in those years advanced these theses, then these would have had sense. Today, however, they are not just some PR [campaign], but a cheap PR [at that]. And therefore it is twice as offensive that those who call themselves heirs of the Karlovac have been tricked  by so cheap a PR, and with its help they lead their flock astray.
For the coercion to apostasy from Christ has only intensified with the liberal–atheists! But today, [oh] yes, that coercion takes place without Gulag, without arrests and executions, without the destruction of churches and seizure of church valuables. Coercion to apostasy from Christ today takes place at the molecular level. Television, radio, and the press – stating their grounds now even in plaques and YURTAS [tents], but are they not dealing with this exactly –  to coerce to apostasy from Christ?
The most cunning Social Doctrine has only established the Sergianist course of the MP, demonstrating its opportunism to the new godless power [government], changing only the forms of serving it. But, as we see, even with the supporters of the course of rapprochement with Sergianism, who had just stated the close bondage of the MP and the godless state, the infirmity of opportunism has gained an upper hand. Well, one may well fall but not so low as to cling to the Gundyaev lie.
And so as to constantly hide their opportunistic infirmity, the Laurites* are now constantly forced to present what is desired as actual [wishful thinking].
Only recently they themselves had diagnosed MP like this: in our days within the MP there goes a full defense of Sergianism!
And lo – the course of opportunism is already forcing them to lies:
"We observe with joy... A departure from Sergianism ...”  etc., etc.
In result, what we have is a joining into the “joys” of 1927:
“Your joys are our joys!”.
By the way, what is the difference between the nowadays Sergianists and their Soviet precursors?
Metropolitan Sergius (Stragorodsky) and his like-minded associates were only declaring, “Your joys are our joys!”. They themselves did not feel joy with the joys of the SOVETCHIKI. To the contrary, they often wept from “their joys”. 
Sergianists of today do not declare that they have joy with the joys of the [godless] Liberals – atheists, they sincerely and heartily rejoice in [feel joy with] their joys! But, to feel joy with the joys of the seducers of the Russian people, often this joy of theirs they are unable to conceal. And then the whole world is filled with Sergianist euphoria (I do quote faithfully):
- And such a freedom which the Church enjoys now, [this] has never happened before in previous eras.
N E V E R !
- In all ages? – the TV presenter inquires.
- In all. And this is why it is a good thing.
Before us we have a finding of the fact that the Sergianist ideal [of] “Joys” of 1927 was being implemented: the godless power was not only not suppressing the “church”, but it also caresses its nape. It helps it gold-plate domes, it lifts taxes from it, it allows the mass media broadcast about what it – the godless power –  needed – lies: about social programs [things], about fighting terrorism, about peacemaking, tolerance, about developing “constructive”  relations with heterodox heretics, about the benefit of inter-confessional dialogue, and so on, i.e. about how it would be easier and safer for us to arrange our life in this world.
This is exactly the [kind of] Sergianist good thing, which is in itself a genuine spiritual helplessness, leading to “deficit of views”, which the Laurites* have rushed to.
But what is the essence of the tragedy of the people to have followed the Sergianists?
Well, this is the fact that the nature of a Sergianist persuades that: “He who flatters you, can in no way coerce you to apostasy from Christ.” 
The impious liberals corrupt the RF people implementing a covert process of compulsion to apostasy from Christ. So what do we hear from Sergianists?
What a good thing!
This is why one has to condemn this not through the declaration of 1927, as MP ZARUBEZHNIKs [ROCOR faithful] demand this, but [one has to] condemn for the clerical rank the very Sergianist state – similarly to the condemnation of both drunkenness, and debauchery, and avarice, and sodomy.
2. The second lie of the Laurites* does cast down to despondency!
How much one has to wish to powder things up in order to bring forth such a pearl: “decreasing the degree of involvement”. “Involvement”  of Sergianists in ecumenism has not only not been decreased but, to the contrary, it has even been very much increased, for it has been elevated on another higher level of unification with heterodox. The WCC, joint prayer supplications with heterodox, that ecumenism’s kindergarten – Sergianists have long covered that path. The Moor [THE BLACK ONE?!?] has long effected his deed – the Moor can now step downs [retire]. All is graver [more abrupt] today. What takes place now is not a play of Sergianists of joint prayer supplications with heterodox but a direct borrowing by them of views and ideas that are foreign to the Orthodox spirit. In order to understand – one needs simply see what Mr. Gundyaev’s notorious Social doctrine has been rewritten from. As well as that “decrease of the degree of involvement"?
3. Well, as to doing away with another obstacle to communion with MP, the Laurites* state: “The host of Russian new-martyrs and confessors – helmed by the Tsar-martyr, has officially [and festively] been glorifies by the Moscow Patriarchy.” 
What is in this true? Only that it was “officially” [the festive part of it]...
But what they did was glorify with the single objective of drawing examples from their lives!
Where and when have the Laurites* seen Sergianists of the 21st century imitate the Russian New-martyrs and Confessors? Could that be in Butovo, ah? As a matter of fact, having officially glorified the New-martyrs the Sergianists did themselves hang on themselves – to the regret of all – a visible, table with the inscription: All that they command you to observe – do observe and perform; [however] do not act after [the example of] their deeds: for they speak but do not act.
And so, does that outward official campaign eliminate – without [empty of [any] ] inner contents – the obstacle to communion?
Both destructive wars and revolutions,

have been allowed to Russia namely, for the sins of a Church,

that fell in love for the outward, rather than the inward

and for the rite more than for the spirit.
(a revelation received by the Russian
New-martyrs and Confessors [imprisoned] in exile)
And more on (L):
ROCOR (l) having accepted the lie of MP that guilty for all is the revolution – embarked on a path assisting the MP to fool the Russians that, – can you imagine! – Russian spiritual division was caused by the revolution and the civil war. At the time, both the revolution and the civil war could well, for example, divide both a family or a country but it is not in powers of whatever revolution to divide the spiritual unanimity. Revolution, just as well as civil war, have only revealed that our Church-going people is already divided, above all, by the absence of unanimity, i.e. by the ability of standing up for Faith. Mew-martyrs and Sergianists! – this division has not been caused by the revolution. To the spiritual division existing long before the revolution, revolution became a prototype of the great harvest, separating weed [tares] from wheat: And in the time of harvest I will say to the reapers, Gather ye together first the tares, and bind them in bundles to burn them: but gather the wheat into My barn. (Matth. 13:30)
Revolution only made evident those capable to give up their life for Christ and the opportunists ready to sacrifice the Christian ideals for the sake of the well-being of their earthly life. Well, no revolution is able to separate spirituality unity. And if division was effected, no revolution was the cause of it but apostasy from Christ by those who with their opportunism to the world have fallen away from the Church of Christ, as early as prior to the revolution; have fallen away from those who have remained together with Christ. This is why to identify geographic separation with spiritual one is not at all spiritual. Sergianists have fallen away from the New-martyrs without abandoning Russia. Also not geographic was the ROCOR division from the MP. And – once again: that division was not caused by the revolution but by the apostasy of the Sergianists, prepared and effected long before the revolution by their renovationist ideologists.
* The word “Laurites”  is no offence. It, just as well as the word “Sergianists”, and the word “Evlogianists” designates – opportunism to the world, disguised by loyalty to the Church. In various eras and situations this [kind of] opportunism to the world takes on the name of their leaders. Therefore, there should be no shade of offence present in the word “Laurites”, it all has just to be called with its [own] name. Laurites – those are the new Evlogianists.
And then it becomes easy to penetrate into even the thoroughly concealed by the Laurites secluded spots of their new joys. You see, Laurites would like to – say – boast in everyone’s hearing: “With Nikodimians we are now on friendly footing!”. But to share this exceptional joy with their congregation ... is not at all possible, as for over 20 years they had themselves exposed the ecumenism of Nikodimians.
Good Friday, 2006

Answer to a Letter by a Participant in the Council
- It is very important that we keep together – you write.
No, [not at all] my dear P.P., the Holy Fathers, foreseeing our times, commanded us to run away from lies.
And the Laurites – this is lie at every step. Well, how is one to be together with lie? If you have embarked on the path of lies, then you are already serving Satan. And no one has ever commanded [us] to be together with Satan’s servants. About the Church, what it is, likewise we do not wish to hear the [Holy] Fathers. “It is not we who are saving the Church of Christ!” The time has come of the small herd! And – as is said, it shall prudently hide itself from people. Of course, this is not visible [from] Abroad and therefore the spirit of our times is not well understood by the ROCA faithful [ZARUBEZHNIK-s].
There [you have it], that was exactly what Russia could show to the ROCA faithful – true path of the last times. But Laurites, having visited Russia – wished not to consider [look at] the Small Russian herd of Christ there. Because they did not wish to see reproach of themselves. And whosoever desires to reproach oneself? You see, talks today of repentance are but [some] rhetoric.
“We need Faith more [than anything else]!” – Russian New-martyrs and Confessors cried from the dungeons prior to their execution. Yes, and besides this revelation of theirs:
Both destructive wars and revolutions, have been allowed to Russia namely, for the sins of a Church, that fell in love with the outward, rather than the inward and with the rite more than with the spirit. – it would serve us nothing had we passed on by without taking a note of it.
”It is very important for us to keep together and reflect [back] all arrows falling on us” – you write. Well, what arrows shall one be able to reflect back, while keeping to the evil one? To Christ the Saviour the most precious on earth is the Church. What – for the churchmen’s wile He shall not allow new awesome trials for Russia? Yes, Russia is today being brought to ruin as never before. Only behind the gold-plating of domes few are those who would be able to see its sorrowful path. Why do you not want to join the voice of the Karlovac [faithful]: “Russian citizen, speak up, like [St.] Maximus the Confessor before the heretics Monophysites: “Even if all the Universe shall embark on the road of that insanity, I alone shall not follow after them!”??? There, your phrase: “The Russian Orthodox Church is our joy but it is also our pain, a pain which one should not renounce, as we all are accountable for this one united body”. This very phrase of yours conceals the reply to your wish: “The decision should be only within the Truth of Christ. Only God is the Path and the Truth!”.
In this way exactly: “The Russian Orthodox Church is our joy”  – and from the viewpoint of the Truth of Christ – this way alone. A there you are “Pain”? A there you are, there can never be pain of the Church of Christ!: For:
“The Body of Christ does not permit into its body anything that is not holy and sacred. The Body of Christ repels reality; it is surrounded by a field of force, casting away beyond its confines all that is dark and fallen”. Such is the patristic idea [of the Holy Fathers] about the Church. And this means that if there is “pain”, then it is no longer [a pain] about the Church but about the church organization, about its twin; about its ghost; about its substitution.
And the words of [St.] Maximus the Confessor: “Even if all the Universe shall embark on the road of that insanity, I alone shall not follow after them!” mean [the following]: Even if all fall away from the Church, I alone shall remain within Her. For, “anyone unclean is, by essence, outside the body of the Church, no matter if one has been formally separated or not”. (St. Theofan the Prisoner) And many many other patristic quotes one may refer to towards the meaning of the words of [St.] Maximus the Confessor. But these are today no longer being honored, as people of today desire more than anything else only, Church comfort, as today they have as never before “fallen in love with the outward, rather than the inward and with the rite more than with the spirit”. And the life of the first Christians is no longer in their powers! And it is it, exactly, the life of the first Christian, which is inevitable today for those, who wish only the Truth of Christ. And any pain, any wailing – these are not about the Church but about those who have fallen away from the Church, about those, who until literally yesterday, used to be an example to us for standing in the Truth of Christ. This is a pain about our brethren, who have been lured by the pleasures of this world, who have proven to be unable – after the example of the Karlovac faithful to repeat the words of [St.] Maximus the Confessor:
“Even if all the Universe shall embark on the road of that insanity, I alone shall not follow after them!”

Bright Saturday, 2006
Epilogue to “Wailing of a Karlovac” 
And we wish to, but [it feels] prickly
There, already the resolution of the council is crawling out through the printer!
Well, well, and what?
And what they anticipated – that fall was great! It is even indecent to comment it – so obvious was that fall. It is only possible to be amazed at that document. In what manner did people who had not lived in the Soviet era begin speaking the sly tongue of Soviet bureaucrats [‘Sovetchina’]? General phrases alone. Sergianists power is in church rhetoric. And there – the resolution of that council is all comprised of rhetoric alone. Well, catching up the virus of Sergianism, one unwittingly embarks on the path, on which one is forced “not to be but to seem to be”. Squeezed into the resolution of the so called council is all the Sergianists’ elaborated window dressing [POKAZUKHA]. [It has] In it: both our reviving homeland; and in anxious awareness of the responsibility; and with heart-felt pain we beg and trust ... which would arrange [things]; and worship for the exploit of the New-martyrs ... who [are] over the abyss; and the holy relics of Saint John; and the presence of the Hodigitria [icon – of Theotokos, the leader]; and all-permeating trust and love of the pastors and the laity; and such sort of nonsense all page long. Well, well, and seemingly no modesty, but simply impudence – to ascribe one’s unity to the basis of the Truth of Christ. If we get sick reading that kind of hypocrisy, then what about the Lord [Himself]?
“The split has been overcome!” – the Gundyaev’s [loyal people] jubilate within the Moscow Patriarchy. And the fear of losing the earthly goods [riches] after this council – how about it – it has began taking an upper hand with both these and the others? Well, only for the ones who overcome fear (cf. Rev. 21:7-8) a possibility has been prepared for unity on the basis of the Truth of Christ! And if in the century of general apostasy from Christ that little page, the meaning of which is “And we wish to, but [it feels] prickly” – is the council’s resolution, then what for a council was that??? What [kind of] party conference – ‘a la Sovietique’ [Soviet-type]...
By the way, about the Sovietique! This is indeed a phenomenon of today. The outward spirit Soviet bureaucrats [‘Sovetchina’] disappeared in 1991 at one go and from all places as a morning mist. Listen to the communists of today, Zyuganov and those with him. They go on bearing their communist crap, but how? This is how, just as any liberal – in a figurative way, with chuckling, no didactics, no templates. And only the MP has preserved immutable all the Sovetchina’s spirit of speech. What for a spirit is this? Well, this is a cunning spirit.
- Well, this is puzzling. So what, is not cunning the spirit of present day liberals and the same [type of] Zyuganovs?
- Cunning, and more! By their cunningness [wile] the liberals have surpassed by far Sovetchik-s. But we’re talking about the saving by the Sergianists of Soviet cunningness, a qualitatively different one than the sparkling cunningness of the liberals! A primitive cunningness, relying to lure the simple Orthodox trustful people. Well, what was it like with Sovetchik-s? It was all dependant on authority. “As the [communist party’s] Secretary General comrade Leonid Brezhnev said,” ... or at a regional [district] level: “comrade first secretary of the regional committee,” and so on. Today, when authority has been replaced by a cash equivalent, when everyone is for oneself, and therefore it’s impossible to outwit a man with his “rights” to chaff, so everyone hungering after power will have to dodge [shift (over)] more ingeniously. And only one Sergianist organization has remained that benefits to further fool the people on the basis of authority. And therefore from that organization one can constantly hear, “as His Holiness said...”. But what did His Holiness say? [It’s] Either general phrases, or “your prophets [are] our prophets”. As well as – as with the Sovetchik-s, this authority is being granted down the “ladder” to ... the “Fathers”. “The father [batyushka] said!” – that’s all! And this is why the major effort [thrust] within the MP is towards education inside the congregation – above all, obedience. Not that obedience, which is necessary for salvation, but obedience of the Catholic type, “if the pope says one thing and the [Sacred] Scripture [says] different [something else], then the Scripture is wrong”
And there, our ZARUBEZHNICHKs (ROCA faithful) have matured to Sergianist obedience: “We are going to obey the decisions of the Council of Bishops.” That is, whatever heresy our bishops may drag us to, we better obey, despite the strictness of the 15th rule of the double Holy Council, not the rule of this Council – but our bishops. A-la-MP, a-la-Sovietique!
But, it’s now time, completing this wailing after the apostates from the Rules of the Holy Ecumenical Councils, first and above all, to chase away from our memory, and more importantly – from our heart, both the Sergianists who distress us, and our poor new Evlogianists: Apostasy has been allowed for by God: do not encroach to stop it with your weak hand. Well, what do we here have in common with what they’ve done there? Well, well, people want – enjoying all the “rights of man”, to unite with the Sergianists – well, cheers to you? Where are you butting in with your Russian infirmity? You – what – want to defy their “rights of man”, or what? The Lord Himself has given them freedom to choose their own path. Even before the coming of Christ, the Hebrews began crying [out]: “We want to live like as all the nations!” [cf. Deut. 17:14] And how did the Lord Himself respond to this? This is how: having made the conclusion that by this cry they do not want Him, the God, as their leader, He gave in to their wish – and let them live like as all the nations. What for? For the purpose of that stiff-necked tribe facilitating the coming of Antichrist, who is already coming according to the writing. And there [you have it] – the whole tribe of Jews!
This is why, if ZARUBEZHNIKs have felt in themselves the invincible Sergianist vocation, then why do they need to rebuke him for this? One likes the priest, another – the priest’s daughter. Why needs one demand from them that, you see, they would love Christ as the Russian New Martyrs and Confessors, who have glorified their predecessors?
All the world today, as Metropolitan Vitaly used to say, thinks one [thing], feels another [thing], speaks a third  [thing] and performs a fourth [thing], while our ZARUBEZHNICHKs –  who knows why, want to necessarily deprive us of that right?
Let them run on this new wide path with their soul glued to the earth.
All the more so that they are unable to slow down the thousand-year long continuous run in the eternal life of our poor in spirit Little Russian herd of Christ, not once during all these 1,000 years stirring to the side of the herd of Panurgov, to the side of those who conceal their ministry to the world as a ministry – seemingly –  to God. Amen!